Power BI n° 2 (London)

Power BI n° 2 (London)

You will find here a Power BI demo I have made a few weeks ago in London.

Topic : Data cleansing in Power BI

I had the chance to present this demo before Marco Russo ‘s talk (one of the international BI gurus, yes sir !!!) on the amazing custom visuals in Power BI Desktop. The aim of my demo was mainly to see how to prepare and clean data by using the Power Query Editor.

You will also find below a basic Power BI dashboard based on the data shown during the demo. It underlines the benefits of having a clean database :

Link to Power BI dashboard

“Casualties per Collisions” is a DAX measure. It is used as color saturation in the “Collisions by Borough chart” : the more it gets red, the more casualties per collisions there are.

This is Self-service BI !!  Put Full-screen (bottom right of the dashboard above) and play with the data by filtering (click on the different categories of the graphs to slice the data) or drilling-down.


Give me your feedbacks ! Many more to come on Power BI



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