Tip of the month (2)

Tip of the month (2)

At the beginning of each month, I will publish a tip to make easier & quicker your use of Excel.

The first article of the “Tip of the month” serie was about Excel shortcuts. I definitely encourage you to use these shortcuts !

Today, I am going to talk about the quick access toolbar. Its purpose is nearly the same as Excel shortcuts : saving time and easing Excel use.

The quick access toolbar

This toolbar is located above the traditional Excel tabs in your spreadsheet :

Quick real prez

It allows you to get a quick access to some of your favorite Excel functionalities.

Take a look at the short video below :


Good to know

  • Each element of your toolbar has been allocated a number. You can the shortcut Alt + number to perform your tasks.

– As the video below shows, you can set your quick access toolbar as a default in all your Excel workbooks or just for the workbook you are working on. This is particularly handy. You wouldn’t like to have the same quick access toolbar for workbooks which are used on a regular basis to analyze data (focus on conditional formatting, sorting, pivotables…) or audit excel formulas (focus on Tracing dependents, precedents, auditing formulas…).

  • Once added, you can easily reorder the elements of your toolbar by using the Up & down arrows on the right side.

  •  If you don’t find a command to add to your toolbar, keep in mind that these commands are sorted in alphabetical order.

Demoo Papa2

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