Tip of the month (1)

Tip of the month (1)

At the beginning of each month, I will publish a tip to make easier & quicker your use of Excel.

I could not start by anything else but Excel shortcuts.

You can download here a very complete PDF for both Windows and Mac ( 😦 ) users.

Other useful resources :

I see two main reasons why you should use Excel shortcuts :

1. It is time-saving

With Excel shortcuts, you can do things more quickly without reducing their quality.

2. It gives you credibility

Indeed, using Excel shortcuts can make you upstanding and reliable in front of clients or your boss. In audit, consulting or while presenting an Excel model, you frequently face situations where you are using Excel next to other people. You have a chance to prove how comfortable you are using Excel.

Try it today ! During the next 30 minutes, put the mouse very far from you and only use it when it is mandatory !

My top 3 is :

  • Ctrl *  to select an entire table
  • Ctrl Shift L  to filter an array
  • Alt Arrow Down to navigate through dropdown lists or filtered menus

What is yours ?


If you are working with 2  screens (or more !!)  : Shift Windows Left/Right arrow  will send your active window to the next screen.  


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3 thoughts on “Tip of the month (1)

  1. I know it’s simple but Ctrl + C || Ctrl + V are the powerhouses that we feel “should be known by everyone at this point” – it honestly kills me when I hear people right clicking. Fortunately / Unfortunately for the end users if I see them still doing it I immediately make them redo it using shortcuts to understand better work habits. Just those tiny little moments it takes to right click and select copy / paste add up over the course of a day, month, year.


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